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書道家 藤田雄大

Calligrapher/ArtistYudai Fujita(Takeo Fujita)

1970: Born in Takasago, Hyogo Prefecture.
Learned calligraphy from early childhood under Mr. Shodo Karatsu.
2006 : Quit his job and admitted to the school of Japanese Calligraphy and Art, which is founded by
Saisui Ishibashi who was the authority of the education of calligraphy in Japan after the war, in Ito City Shizuoka Prefecture.
2008: Graduated with a Master degree.
2009: Graduated with a Grand Master degree.
Studied under Mr. Reiseki Kokubo, and Mr. Bunsui Oishi.
After graduation, worked as a calligrapher in his hometown Takasago.
2015: Admitted to Kyoto University of the Arts to relearn about Calligraphy, its meaning or significance in the field of Arts.
2018: Graduated
2010: Contributed artwork to the monument in the ruins of KINROU-KAIKAN (City Labor Hall) in Takasago.
2017: Awarded the Prize by Takasago city, evaluated to the contribution to promote the culture of art.
2019: Wrote“NORAINU”, collections of works.