Yudai Fujita (藤田 雄大)

Real name:Takeo Fujita

1970: Born in Takasago, Hyogo Prefecture.

Learned calligraphy from early childhood under Mr. Shodo Karatsu.


2006 (36 years old) : Quit his job and admissioned to the school of Japanese Calligraphy and Art, which is founded by Saisui Ishibashi who was the authority of the education of calligraphy in Japan after the war, in Ito City Shizuoka Prefecture.


2008: Graduated with a Master degree.


2009: Graduated with a Grand Master degree. Studied under Mr. Reiseki  Kokubo, Mr. Bunsui Oishi.


March, 2010: Contributed artwork to the monument in the vacant lot of the labor’s center in his hometown, Takasago.


June, 2010: Sent to Latrobe City in Australia as an ambassador from Takasago City, there are interacted with both cities through calligraphy. He presented much art work to the Embassy of Japan in Melbourne.


April, 2011: Presented to *Amida Elementary School the lyrics for their school song written in calligraphy.

June,2014: Presented to *Kashima Junior High School the work “IDOME”(this is a message for the students “challenge difficulties”) at  the 40th anniversary memorial ceremony.  (*both are my old schools)


December, 2011: Performed live on TV, it was a year-crossing program called “Jimoto kara, Yuku Toshi, Kuru Toshi.” (The year has gone and The year will come.) broad casted by BANBAN TV.


February, 2012: Took part in “TeZukA in Tokyo”(music & dance show collaborated with calligraphy, produced by UK & Japan & Belgium)


April, 2016: interviewed by Michie Koyama, who is a noted pianist, and appeared in a music magazine“ONGAKU NO TOMO”having over 75years history.

Now, he has classes in Takasago, Kakogawa, Kobe City and so on, while also promotes to express the enjoyment and attraction of Japanese Calligraphy

to wider generations by spending with more children through doing volunteer work and performing at a school for handicapped children, and teaching at a college.



Individual Exhibitions include;

2007: in Latrobe City, Australia

2009, 2010, 2012 & 2014 : in Kobe City

July, 2015: the joint exhibition in Ulan Bator City, Mongolia

August,2015:in New York City, USA

September 2015: the triumphal exhibition in Takasago City, My home town

February2017: the public exhibition “ART CAPITAL” at Paris

March 2017: at the Sake Brewery in Kakogawa



He has also received many awards including;

・「学會展」-Gakkai Ten ; Academic Exhibition-

・「不二現代書展」-Fuji Gendai Shoten ; Fuji Modern Calligraphic Exhibition-

・「兵庫県書道展」-Hyogoken Shodo Ten ; Calligraphy Exhibition in Hyogo-

・「毎日書道展」 -Mainichi Shodo Ten ; Calligraphy Exhibition hosted by Mainichi Newspaper Company-